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710 Plus Terpene Infused Ready Mix 10ml

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710 Plus Terpene Infused Ready Mix 10ml Ready Mix syringe, small glass cup or beaker, heat source (microwave/hot plate/double), winterized concentrates, cartridge (ceramic cell coils works best for mix) 1. Measure out ready mix into syringe. 2. Using a heat safe glass container, heat ready mix to 120-150 degrees (10 seconds in the microwave) 3. Put concentrate into heated ready mix solution and mix with syringe until all chunk and swirls mix completely 4. Let mix cool slightly before placing into cartridge. 5. Use syringe to fill cartridge Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flavorings, Terpenes Available Flavors: Grand Daddy Purp Terps | Super Lemon Haze Terps | Strawnana Terps