Platinum Bubba Kush Trim & Shake


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Introducing: Ripkitty Platinum Bubba Kush Trim & Shake

Mon, We Bringin’ Di Fire with Platinum Bubba Kush!

Prepare yuhself for a journey like no other with Ripkitty’s latest treasure, Platinum Bubba Kush. Dis ain't just any strain; it's a masterpiece packed with de most vibrant terpenes and a scent that’ll hit yuh like a gentle breeze - heavy, gassy, and oh-so-rich.

Unforgettable Flavors Awaits

Dis bold beauty promises a taste that’s as smooth as reggae rhythms, ready to lift yuh spirits high and bring yuh to a state of pure bliss. It’s like de first sip of coconut water on a hot day - refreshing, with a hint of sweetness amid the boldness.

Di Fine Details:

  • Color & Texture: Fresh, dense, with some purple hues mixin' in to dazzle yuh eyes.
  • Aroma: Get ready for dat loud and gassy welcome, a true scent of nature’s finest.
  • Type: A hybrid that balances de mind and body, perfect for those seeking harmony.
  • CBD: Sittin’ pretty at 17.7%, dis strain ain’t just about di vibe; it’s about wellness too.
  • CBC: A cool 1% to add to the magic.
  • Quality: Only de best, hand-touched buds, because we believe in that personal touch, seen?
  • Trust: Lab-tested for potency, cause we keep it real and safe for our fam.

Why Choose Platinum Bubba Kush?

Because sometimes, yuh just need dat special something to elevate yuh day. Whether yuh winding down or gearing up, dis strain is here to make every moment a bit more irie.

So, come take dis journey with us, and let Platinum Bubba Kush show yuh why it’s di real deal. With every trim and shake, yuh’re not just getting a product; yuh’re getting an experience, wrapped in the goodness of Mother Earth.

Remember, moderation is key, and enjoyment is everything. Welcome to di Ripkitty family, where good vibes and great strains meet.