Delta 8 Sour Chem


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Sour Chem CBD Strain with Delta 8 Infusion

Experience the delightful fusion of Sour Chem CBD Strain with the added touch of Delta 8, creating a unique and balanced blend. Here's what makes it special:

  • CBD Dominance: Sour Chem is primarily a CBD strain, offering a more balanced and mellow experience.
  • Infused with Delta 8: Enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 for an extra layer of relaxation, without going over the legal THC limit.
  • Flavor Profile: With a zesty and sour essence, the flavor profile adds a refreshing twist to your CBD experience.
  • Legal Compliance: Rest assured, our Sour Chem CBD Strain with Delta 8 adheres to all legal requirements, providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

Indulge in this harmonious blend for a soothing and flavorful CBD encounter with a touch of Delta 8 goodness.

  •         CBD Content: 15.24%
  •         Delta 8 Content: 160mg